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grand bay casino site not paying up
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grand bay casino site not paying up


I received mail for a casino grandbay website stating I would get $50 credit for free. I played the $50 and lost. I then received an email saying I have 50 free spins. I won about $13.00 I took the $13 and played black jack and won $178. The site said my bonus play was 100% complete and I could withdraw money with the exception of the $4.14 bonus. I tried over and over but couldn't do it so I requested to chat with an agent. The agent never gets back to me but I figure out how to do the withdraw which is now $250.17. So today I get an email saying that they are voiding my withdraw as I have played multiple bonuses without depositing money. This site emails me daily with their bonus info I never once asked for it and now they are not paying up?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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