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Introduction of ultrafine Mill Liner Material
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Introduction of ultrafine Mill Liner Material

The liner of the ultrafine mill is used to keep the inner wall and the end cap of the ultra-fine mill barrel from being abraded by the grinding body, and to some extent increase the rigidity of the cylinder body. Play an important role in the machine. Therefore, when choosing the liner, we should strengthen the understanding of the liner material. The following is the introduction of the material of the ultrafine mill liner.
Classification of materials
1, high manganese steel: high manganese steel (ZGMn13) in the chemical composition of Mn content of 12% to 14%, the original surface hardness of HRC20 ~ HRC25, during the work process, due to the impact of the lining plate ball, can increase its surface hardness To HRC40 or more. In large-scale ultra-fine mills, manganese steel liners are often deformed due to severe impact, resulting in damage to the ultra-fine mill barrels. Therefore, manganese steel liners should be used in small and medium-sized ultra-fine mills.
2. High-chromium alloy cast steel liner: It has high original hardness equivalent to wear-resistant white cast iron, and has certain toughness. It has higher wear resistance under lower impact force, compared to other materials. The statement has a higher price/performance ratio and can be used in large, medium and small ultra-fine mills.
Material requirements
First, the material of the ultra-fine mill liner should be able to improve the grinding process of the ultra-fine mill, and the second is to select and handle the liner material. The requirements for the liner should have a high impact fatigue durability, can withstand a certain strength of the impact. In addition, the hardness, structure, and composition of the entire liner are uniform. In the use of low wear rate, the use of the process is not deformed, not broken advantages.
Liner material cost
The cost of liner materials is an important factor to consider when manufacturing liners. In particular, it is more important to use low-grade ores, low-grade ores, or low-cost materials such as cement. The total cost of liners should include Material requirements and installation costs, in most cases, also include the cost of relining board parking, which is measured in the form of lost production.
Material heat treatment process
No matter what type of liner is used in the ultra-fine mill, the material of the liner must be extremely hard in order to function and use it in the machine. The material of the liner must have a heat treatment process, otherwise the cracks may appear in the work liner, and the liner material after the heat treatment process rarely occurs. When choosing a building, you should strengthen your understanding and choose the material that is most suitable for the ultra-fine mill liner.

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